Become a Trader


New traders are always welcome to enquire about available space.  Please note that our market’s focus is on local, fresh, seasonal healthy vegetables, fruits, herbs, freshly baked breads, honey, eggs, oils, ethically sourced meats, seeds, microgreens, seedlings, compost and other garden related items.  We also have a small portion of eat-on-site foods and a few local wine farms and craft beer producers.  Half of the market is allocated to hand-made, home-made and local crafts.

The Hermanus Country Market is a real country market with simplicity and wholesome goodness at our core. We believe that each trader should bring value to the market, not just with their products, but also with a positive attitude towards their trading day and their fellow traders. It is this mindfulness and good energy that makes the market a success.

We have brilliant local support, and for his reason we trade no matter what the weather. Only if there are serious weather warnings do we cancel (3 times in 14 years).

All traders are expected to adhere to our core principles of offering excellent quality, presenting your products attractively, maintaining responsible practice and being honest with your payment and products.


Step 1

Please fill in the online application form below to help us get to know you, what your products are and how it complements the offering and ethos of our market.

Following receipt of your application we will reply within 5-working days and may request further information.

Step 2

If your application is approved in principle we will supply you with our standard rules & regulations which you will be required to adhere to during your time on the market.  

At this stage food vendors will also be required to provide a copy of their Certificate of Approval from the Health Department which must also be displayed on your stall when you are trading.

Step 3

The final step is the signing of your traders agreement and then you can commence trading.